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Group Leuter since 1992 installing adaia (its WMS) in more than twenty countries, now CUATRO (four) (v4). We know what you have to look for to see if your warehouse is really efficient. We can also present you the data of all our clients so that you can compare with them or with their

«The smile of warehouse boss», by Ricardo Hernández, journalist, July 2018 the ninth: CUADERNOS DE LOGÍSTICA

«… he podido realizar una decena  de visitas a sendos almacenes de diferentes sectores. Acompañado por Pedro Puig, presidente de Grupo Leuter, en todos los casos esa compañía tiene implantada su solución para gestión de almacén WMS por sus siglas en inglés. A margen de los datos, me traigo la experiencia y el contacto con los directivos, con los técnicos y responsables de almacén. Grupo Leuter podrá hacer – si no lo ha hecho ya – un estudio de mercado y pulsar la satisfacción de sus clientes, detectar las mejores prácticas evaluar el antes y el después de la instalación de su software, menor parámetros, etc. de todas estas instalaciones. Y las conclusiones serán positivas. Lo que difícilmente podrá reflejar cualquier informe, propio o ajeno, es la sonrisa del jefe de almacén, …»


CUATRO is componed by two software. One is located into our web site, and must be downloaded into your PC (desktop app for fixed screens) and other (web) that executes by default cloud, who typing in a browser http://terminal.cuatrowms.com (web app for movile screens). 

The installer asks for directory, where he must create de data base and he credentials you have typed where registering.


Takes advantage of all the graphical options of java. The representation of the warehouse map is graphical (drag&drop), being able to move the shelves on a canvas that represents the warehouse. We can use CUATRO to define the map, the structure, and to see the real state of the merchandise, the packages and boxes that each location contains. There are two views, from above (plan) and from one side of each shelf (elevation).


CUATRO supports shelves: normalwith double deep, drive In (in which no maters what pallet you choose), decks and gravity ones (inclined with rollers). In the first two cases the merchandise enters and leaves through the long side of the rack and in the others through the narrow side.


A movement of merchandise is carried out by an operator and resources couple. A resource is a machine of a certain type (truck, groom and foreman). In addition, the machine carries a wireless device, which can receive instructions by voice or with a reader, its own, or one connected externally.

A mobile operator always has an associated shelf where the pallets he moves are left and a device that can be integrated, an external reader or voice.


CUATRO drives the warehouse operators, this means that the work is generated as needed and CUATRO distributes it in an orderly manner to the operators. The job of moving pallets sand divided into tasks. A task, for example, is to move a pallet to a location, for example 2700000000016 to 99E0010101.  

We have several types of actions. Depending on the type of the destination location (EX, going to a dock, expedition:UB, goes to warehouse location location; RE goes to picking, replenishment).


Many warehouses are connected to manufacturing systems. A compact rack is usually defined where the "manufactured" pallets go. The system generates pallet labels that, when read, CUATRO looks for them in a warehouse area.


We can configure the warehouse in such a way that when a pallet reaches one of the locations on a shelf, some action is generated with it.

 1) It can generate a task to jump from this shelf to another

 look a location for them in a warehouse area. 

3) generate a picking.


When a terminal asks us for a container, we have three options to capture it:

    1. When a terminal asks us for a container, we have three options to capture it:
    2. Entering it manually (271 + ENTER equals 2700000000016)
    3. Using the voice ("twenty-seven one" or "container one" plus "ok" equals 2700000000016) 

We can also capture the location where the container is:

    1. «Reading your label with an integrated or external reader of the terminal
    2. Entering it manually (22504 + ENTER is equivalent to 22000000001043, it is the label of «99-E001-001-01-01»)
    3. Using the voice ("twenty-seven one" or "container one" plus "ok" equals 2700000000016) 
(*) the system calculates the check digit itself. 
(*) It gives an error if the location of a compact shelf is read.


Mobile terminals start the application typing terminal.cuatrowms.com, but this app could be installed locally.

installation: web register
Warehouse map, plant
Warehouse map: elevation
Warehouse map: linear shelf
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Location labels
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