Wooden pallets

Yes, the supermarket shelves were full during the pandemic and families received on time what they bought online.

If we talk about other economic sector, we would be looking for especial people whose contributions had been decisive, or for technological advances that would explain this success.

In almost all warehouses you can see a simple wooden structure on which they put the received goods. They are called Pallets. Some warehouses also receive metal containers with a large quantity of products. Supermarket orders are sent in plastic boxes, or even more, bags inside these plastic boxes. The wooden pallet represented a considerable advance in the evolution in logistics. The size of the pallets depends on the size of the trucks, and the truck’s size depend on the roads… or vice versa.

We might say that technology has had a role in the success of logistics, but I am afraid that the biggest improvements have come when many companies have done such basic things like using a rustic wooden pallet.

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