Moral and WMS

My wife blamed me for not contributing to raising the morale of the troop (my family). Yesterday a friend of mine, whom I love as a brother, did the same. I have been very discouraged by the situation in my country and around the world. But my second son has started in a new job today.

The health situation will be resolved when someone becomes a millionaire by selling a vaccine, but we can’t do anything about this matter. All countries in the world now have a challenge: to start again the world, and I remember the sentence: “what can I do for my country?”

Before the pandemic, WMS projects were very expensive (more than $ 150,000, the cheapest). Only large companies could launch a project like this. Our company has learnt a lot about warehouse logistics and we have executed projects in more than 25 countries, but we had to travel to these countries, to sell and implement them.

Working is the only think we can do. We will sell cheapest projects, tools instead of solutions and we will share our experience.

Pay attention to the following: no company will deny its financial department an accounting software application, while the logistics department could have only spreadsheets.

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